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[News] The Mute — Психоделическая Визуальная Новелла

Блог автора: VISUAL NOVEL NEWS (Новости, Мероприятия, Обновления)

Категории блога: Интересные разработки

Началась разработка довольно необычной новеллы The Mute. По заявлениям автора, в игре будут доступны несколько языков, в том числе и русский.

Описание: Психоделическая Визуальная Новелла с немым протагонистом.
Необычная музыка, сюрреалистичная графика, и по-хорошему сложный гейм-плей. Всё это ждёт вас в инди-проекте под названием The Mute.

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‘’The Mute’’ is a synthesis of illustrations, music and text, which results in memorable atmospheric experience. Basically, it’s a visual novel(which somehow has got nothing to do with anime and dating…sorry), inspired by games like OFF(Mortis Ghost) and Pathologic(Ice-Pick Lodge studios). Taking the role of Doctor Bezmolvniy, you will dive deep into the surreal universe of Quodnonestis. The plot depends heavily on your choices, even the small ones.


You are Doctor Bemolvniy, a Capitolian Healer, who is practicing medicine in various spheres. Your carrier goes calm and steady, until one day, you receive a letter from the Officials. It says that you must visit a nearby country.


To participate in a recent investigation on several deaths, caused by an unknown drug.

No details included.

Nothing unusual, one might think. But, if only you could have known, that after this particular business trip your life will never be the same…

Surreal but not illogical

A perfect choice for those, who love something unusual,  yet not deprived of logic and common sense.

Mind the title

That’s right. You take control of the protagonist, who’s unable to speak (we’ve got a Visual Novel here and not a First Person Shooter, so I bet you didn’t saw that one coming!) and change his facial expression. What’s going on in his head? Is he just a mute, emotionless psychopath, or a damned but pure soul? This is totally up to you. Every choice of yours will determine the personality of the main hero.

Fly away in my space rocket

Immersion is the big part of the game. I tried hard to make it look and feel both alive and interesting, so the final product will include:

  • More than twenty in-game characters with their own personalities and bust graphics.
  • An abundance of atmospheric music, which changes according to the situation.
  • Original illustrations.
  • More than three endings!
  • No illusion of choice. Only choices, which do matter and change the game dramatically.

With the power of pencils, GIMP and PaintTool SAI I spend hours on creating in-game illustrations like this:



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